Fun Activities

Tree of Personal Qualities

Each of us is a unique person and we have qualities and skills that make us who we are.

Please print out this tree and the leaves and write on the roots of the tree the qualities that make you unique/special (gender, culture, languages, very special skills/abilities). Then write on the branches and the leaves the things that you are good at or are especially proud of (sports, school subjects, talents, special toys).

You can colour the tree afterwards if you like. When you are done, you can put the tree in a place to remind you of the things that make you who you are and the things that you are proud of.

I Can

Sometimes it is hard to stay positive and to keep trying when things are difficult or when we have too many things to do. It is important that we always remember that we do not need to know how to do everything. Although you might not be good at some things, there are many other things that you CAN DO.

Get a clean  soup can (get an adult to help you to make sure you do not cut yourself on sharp edges). Cover the can with construction or tissue paper. Get some magazines and cut out eyes. You can cut out all sorts of open eyes, closed eyes, winking eyes, googly eyes, one eye at a time, two eyes together, etc… Glue these eyes on your “I Can”.

Get strips of paper and write on each strip one thing that you are able to do. You can list things like:

  • I can make my own bed,
  • I can kick the ball really hard,
  • I can feed my cat,
  • I can walk the dog,
  • I can read.

Write as many things as you like.

Place the strips of paper in your “I Can”. Place the can some place where you can read all the things that you can do to remind yourself of your abilities and accomplishments.

Creating a Collage Book

Sometimes when there are a lot of things going on around us and we are busy with school, home, friends and activities , we forget to stop and think about how we are feeling. It is important to know our feelings so we can let people around us know when we need help.

Take a blank note book. Every day draw a picture in the book or create a collage by cutting pictures, using stickers and colours to describe how you are feeling.

Keep this book as a journal of your feelings. If you feel comfortable share your work with an adult or a friend whom you can trust.